Monit Brake Bias Adjuster Dial - Bulkhead Mounted

£ 249.00
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The new Monit Brake Dial has been designed to work with all pedal boxes and balance bars. The patent pending Monit Brake Bias Dial allows drivers to easily view and adjust the position that the brake bias is set to. Reset the display to Zero at your preferred position and confidently adjust for changing conditions to achieve maximum braking performance, knowing you can accurately return to the starting point should they need to.

The Monit Brake Dial is a remote brake bias adjuster which has a built in LCD display which shows the position setting of the vehicle's brake bias. Similar to current brake bias adjusters, the Monit adjuster has detent clicks every 1/4 turn. The LCD display stays on constantly and shows the number of detent clicks that the dial has turned from your preferred Zero point. To set the Zero point, you simply press and hold a button on the front of the dial.

Existing brake remote adjusters have 40 – 80 ‘clicks’ of adjustment and it is very hard for the driver to remember where the brakes are set at. The Monit Brake Dial solves this problem by giving the driver the ability to set the brake bias remote adjuster quickly and accurately to a known position and enables them to view that position at a glance. This gives the driver the confidence to adjust their brake bias to changing conditions – with the knowledge that they can accurately return to their starting position at any time.

The Monit Brake Dial comes complete with mounting fasteners, a flexible shaft, and both 7/16” and 3/8” balance bar threaded adaptors. It is designed to fit to ALL existing balance bars and pedal boxes on the market. This includes pedal boxes and balance bars from AP Racing, Tilton, Wilwood, Alcon, OBP, Compbrake, Brembo, etc