Mocal Remote Oil Filter Head with M22 Ports

£ 83.24
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Mocal remote oil filter head manufactured from billet aluminium.The compact design of this remote oil filter head means it's ideal for use when space is at a premium. The inlet and outlet ports are tapped M22 x1.5. It also features 2 ports on the top tapped 1/8NPT so that oil pressure and temperature sensors can be fitted (blanking plugs are supplied with the head if ports not required).

This new version of remote oil filter head has a female thread inside so must be used with the SUSA Remote Oil Filter thread adaptor in order for the filter to be attached to the head (see linked product below).

These Mocal remote oil filter heads are available in two versions, one which flows oil from left to right, and vice versa. This allows for easier plumbing in the engine bay. Please select your required flow direction from the drop down menu above. (Please note, oil always flows into the outside of the filter and then exits up the middle).