Lifeline Zero 360 Fire Extinguisher Kit 3.0Kg Remote Charge

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£ 1,289.60
Lifeline Zero 360 3.0kg Electrical Fire Extinguisher with remote electrical charge, making this fire extinguisher system one of the smallest on the market. This 3.0kg version is FIA approved for use in international rally events (Homologation number EX.43.17).

The Lifeline Zero 360 remote discharge systems self pressurise upon activation and distribute pure, undiluted NOVEC 1230 fire suppressant making them highly efficient.

This new version of the Zero 360 remote charge system has been refined by the mounting the remote charge to the side of the cylinder which offers improved packaging characteristics along with reduced weight.

The kit is supplied with all mounting brackets, pipework, nozzles, wiring and activation boxes needed for a complete installation. The bottle within this kit measures 274mm long by 108mm diameter (157mm with remote charge). Bottle weight is 3.9kg.

Please note, these systems must be fitted exactly as Homologated, in accordance with the fitting instructions supplied with the kit. The bottle is fitted with a 2-way (Tee) outlet which must not be changed, and ALL nozzles MUST be used.