Lifeline Zero 360 Fire Extinguisher Kit 2.25Kg Mechanical FIA Approved

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Lifeline Tech 16 Specs.
£ 500.40
Lifeline Zero 360 2.25kg Fire Marshall Mechanical Fire Extinguisher (FIA Homologation # Ex.042.17). This system uses a steel bottle.

Smaller and lighter than their Zero 2000 counterparts, this Zero 360 stored pressure system benefits from advanced nozzle design that delivers a significantly more efficient distribution of 3M™ Novec™ 1230 suppressant producing a faster and increased levels of concentration, ensuring extremely fast fire knock-down. Once operated the system distributes the Novec™ 1230 through 3 nozzles in the engine bay and 2 flat fan nozzles in the Cockpit. The 2.25 kg option is perfect for all types of circuit racing.

2.25Kgs Mechanical steel bottle measures 268mm long (including handle) with 125mm diameter (149mm diameter including the handle) and has a total weight of 3.6Kgs. Kit comes complete with bottle, anti-torpedo mounting brackets, 5 nozzles, 2 pull cables, 6 metres of tubing, 6 metres of heat proof sleeving, 4 T-Connectors, 1 Bulkhead fitting and Decal sheet.

FIA and MSA Approved for motorsport use/circuit racing.

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This kit includes:-
8mm Tube (x 6m)
Bracket and Straps (x 1)
Heatproof Over Braid (x 6m)
Straight Inlet Nozzle (x 2)
Double Z Nozzle (x 3)
8mm Equal T Connector (x 1)
8mm Bulkhead Fitting (x 1)
Tube Clips (x5)
4 Way Connector (x 1)
Decal Pack (x1)
2m/6ft Pull Cable (x1)
4m/12ft Pull Cable (x1)
Cable Nipple (x1)