ITG VSC Maxogen Pleated Cotton Air Filter (JC60) with Rubber Neck

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£ 84.00
ITG VSC Maxogen Pleated Cotton air filter with 152mm I.D. rubber neck. The 'VSC' range of pleated filters are a larger version of our standard size Maxogen elements. Perfect where space allows, to enable ultimate dust holding capacity & minimal pressure drop.

ITG Maxogen Pleated Cotton Air Gauze Filters are the latest introduction to filter down from the company's participation in top-level motorsport.

Every product in ITG's newly expanded portfolio of hand-built intakes sets industry standards in the pursuit of performance and efficiency. The key benefits of this new ITG Maxogen pleated cotton gauze cone filter line include:
• Maximum filter surface area for maximum flow rate
• Fine cotton gauze element protected by epoxy-coated wire mesh
• Choice of unique spun aluminium trumpet or flexible rubber neck for mounting
• Compact proportions and up to seven neck diameters for easy fitment
• Optional foam over-sock for ultimate dust capturing ability

Just as crinkle-cut crisps have the capacity to hold more flavour, the meticulously constructed folds and zig-zag shape of ITG's new Maxogen pleated cotton gauze element provide an unusually large surface area. This attracts the greatest volume of free-flowing, filtered air into the vehicle's inlet system, which, in turn, increases the volumetric efficiency of the engine and ultimately creates more power.

The fine cotton gauze at the heart of this new product offers excellent flow characteristics allied to superb dust-capturing ability and a high load tolerance. Although the material is naturally hard-wearing and long-lasting, ITG has encapsulated the gauze in an epoxy-coated wire mesh to give the pleats additional resilience against damage.