ITG Stage 2 Cold Air Induction Kit for Toyota GR Yaris

£ 395.00
ITG Maxogen Stage 2 Cold Air Induction kit for Toyota GR Yaris.

ITG laser scanned the engine bay of the GR to create a space envelop in CAD. Using this data, we designed several prototype full cold air induction systems. Testing then took place, both on road and at 3 separate independent rolling roads.

Every now and again ITG come across cars where the manufacturer has worked very hard to get everything just right! BMW M cars and Porsche’s are the ones that spring to mind. It appears with the testing ITG have done so far, that the GR Yaris falls into the same category!

The good news is the filter set up ITG have designed is a well proven concept with the latest turbo charged BTCC cars, the spun alloy box is designed to house either a traditional ITG foam filter or one of our new pleated cotton filters with a foam over-sock. Attached to the front of the box is a selective laser sintered scoop, similar in design to the stage one kit.

The data collected on a standard car was encouraging with all three vehicles we used for testing delivering positive results. Intake temperatures are reduced by at least 10 to 12 degrees, with the car feeling more eager at higher rpm and a definite improvement on any transient throttle inputs. Some cars are now being fitted with tuning boxes; however, it does appear the ECU needs to learn how to adapt to the increased airflow to show any useful gains. We have also been lucky enough to test the ITG intake on the first Yaris GR in the UK with a fully programable Motec ECU. This car is totally stock with just the ECU and our intake. We are looking forward to posting results of this as soon as the testing programme is complete.