ITG Mega Maxogen Air Filter JC60

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ITG JC60 Mega Maxogen Cylindrical foam air filter with larger spun aluminium neck. The Mega Maxogen range of air filter use a reinforced internal plastic cage and larger 180mm diameter aluminium spinning making these filters ideal for high power applications where space is available. Rated to approx. 800bhp.

The JC60 Mega Maxogen range of ITG Air Filters are identified by the internal diameter of the aluminium spinning. The wall thickness of the spinning is 1.5mm. So for example, if you select a JC60MM air filter with 60mm internal diameter (I.D.) it will have 63mm outside diameter (O.D.).

These filters are available with aluminium spinning sizes from 80mm up to 124mm. Please select your required spinning size from the drop down menu before placing the item in your basket.

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