ITG Maxogen Pleated Cotton Air Filter Over Sock

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As addition to the new Pleated Cotton air filters and from recent dust testing, ITG have found that the foam over sock when used in conjunction with the Pleated filter provides the ultimate filtration solution for the dustiest of conditions whilst retaining maximum possible airflow in to your inlet system.

The Pleated Maxogen filters have been optimised to work best with the ITG foam over socks as they greatly improve the filtration properties whilst they reduce the need for you to clean & re-oil the main filter element so often.

These over socks are available in 2 sizes. The smaller size fits pleated air filters with 150mm diameter base. The larger size fits the filters with 180mm diameter. Please select your required over sock size before placing the item in your basket.

Small over sock fits part numbers:-
Aluminium: JC60-67RP, JC60-73RP, JC60-78RP, Rubber neck: JC60RN-70P, JC60RN-76P and JC60RN-80P.
Large over sock fits part numbers:-
Aluminium: JC60-86RP, JC60-99RP, Rubber Neck: JC60RN-89P, JC60RN-102P, JC60RN-114P and JC60RN-127P.