Iloc Flexible Exhaust Joint 2.25 Inch inside diameter

This range of flex connectors is ideal for use before the catalytic converter where temperatures are high, engine movement is high and there is considerable gas noise.

Can withstand up to 1100 degrees centigrade.Interlock liner creates an air gap between the liner and bellows improving the cooling of the exhaust gas. Flex connector prevents twisting of the exhaust pipework.The main flex unit is made from stainless steel.Each end is made of aluminised steel for extra corrosion resistance although as a result of high temperatures, corrosion is not an issue. Each flex-connector is designed to allow pipework to slip inside each end and to be welded in position. 2 1/4" inside diameter.9 3/4" (250mm) total length.Click on More Images for different views of this ILOC flexible exhaust joint.