Goodridge 600 Series -3 Hose With PVC Cover (Per 100mm)

Goodridge 600 Series -3 Hose With PVC Cover (Per 100mm)
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Goodridge -3 stainless steel teflon brake line. This Goodridgeline is supplied with a PVC cover. Brake line is available inlong lengths but priced in 100mm units. Goodridge brake line isused in many custom made braking systems for 4x4 vehicles, off roadand competition cars.

Please select your required colour of PVC cover from the dropdown menu before placing the item in your basket.

Please note: The price shown is for a 100mm unit. We do this to help you purchase exactly the quantity you require when a full metre is not needed, saving you money. For example, if you do require a one metre length, you will need to change the order quantity to 10 in your basket.