FIA Spec Fuel Tank Vent Valve with Male Threads

Newton Equipment
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FIA Tank Vent Valve Dimensions
Newton have developed this new fuel tank vent valve to meet the FIA regulation, Appendix J - 258 for Fuel Cell Ventilation Systems. This version has M16 threaded inlet, and AN6 threaded outlet. The VR series of fuel tank vent valves have three main functions:-

1. In normal driving conditions, the valve acts like a normal rollover valve meaning it closes off once the tank reaches more than a 90° incline. This prevents fuel escaping from the tank in the event of an emergency.

2. The tank vent valve contains a unique hollow aluminium flotation ball which shuts off any fuel that surges up the valve chamber during heavy cornering/braking.

3. When the valve is in the closed position, a 200 millibar by-pass prevents any pressure build up within the tank.

The Newton VRM16-6 valve remains open to atmosphere at all times, unless under heavy forces caused by heavy braking, accelerating and cornering, or during an inversion (if the car rolls over in an accident). This valve is suitable for all forms of motorsport including F1.

Designed for remote or tank mounting; access to inside of tank is not required for installation. A M16 nut can be brazed or welded to the tank and a mounting hole made in the tank from the outside.

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