Evans Power Cool 180 Degree Waterless Coolant (5 Litres)

Evans Power Cool 180 Degree Waterless Coolant (5 Litres)
Evans Power Cool 180° High Performance Waterless Coolant in 5 Litre bottle for Motorsport, Rallying, Drift, Drag and Dirt.

Power Cool 180° is a revolutionary way to keep your engine cool, eliminating the need for water. Traditional water based coolants often cross the thermal boundary that separates efficient Nucleat Boiling from inefficient Critical Heat Flux (CHF). This CHF is synonymous with the condition known as 'Departure from Nucleate Boiling'. When this occurs, a layer of steam bubbles form around the engine hotspots. Steam dissipates less than 1/30th of the heat that water does, rapidly over heating any metal which is near and so causing premature detonation.

'Fill and Forget' - Evans Power Cool 180° Waterless Coolant never needs changing. Once in the cooling system, it will protect the engine for the duration of it's life.

'No more anti-freeze' - Power Cool 180° will not freeze, even up to temperatures as low as -40°C so additional anti-freeze is not needed.

'Non Toxic' - Evans Power Cool Coolant contains their patented DeTox™ formulation and has been classified as Non-Toxic by an EPA certified lab. (However, as with all chemicals, do not consume. Keep away from children and avoid contact with skin and eyes).

If this is the first time you are filling your coolant system with Evans Power Cool 180°, it is imperative you remove as much water from the cooling system as possible. It is advised you use Evans Prep Fluid for this. Not only hygroscopically absorbs any residual water, but also removes loose dirt and scale which may have built up. See the linked items below for more information.