Electric Hi-Flow Radiator Cooling Fan 12 Inch Diameter

Tripac Fans
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12 Inch Slimline Fan Spec Sheet
Hi Flow Electric 2 Speed Radiator Fan 12 Inch diameter. Tripac's line of reverse skewed ring blade radiator fan assemblies offer the most advanced engineering in air movement. The patented ring blade fan maximises efficiency, reduces power consumption and lowers noise levels. The fans can be run either as blowers or suckers. 

This High Flow version features 2 speed settings for increased airflow in extreme conditions. The shroud has a finger guard on both sides to avoid injury.

Overall diameter of fan and shroud is 12.8 Inches (325mm) and 2.6 Inches (66.4mm) thick.

Fan motor has 3 wires. When two wires (Black & Grey) are powered the fan runs at normal speed. If power is then connected to the third wire (Brown) the fan runs at high speed.

More detailed fan dimensions can be found in the Technical Info tab above the product image.