Cartek IVA Compliant Fog Light Switch Control Unit

Cartek IVA Compliant Fog Light Switch Control Unit
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Cartek Fog Light Switch Spec
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Cartek have produced this fog light control switch to comply with the current IVA regulation. Previously, a fog light could be simply switched on and off with a toggle or rocker type switch as long as the switch was powered by the headlamp circuit so that the fog light could only be switched on when the headlights were on.

Now in addition to this, an IVA revision now states that the rear fog light must turn off AND STAY OFF when the headlamps are switched off. That is to say, if the headlamps are switched off then back on again whilst the fog light switch remains in the on position then the rear fog light must NOT turn back on unless the user specifically activates the rear fog light switch.

The Cartek fog light switch control unit is simply wired between the fog light switch and the vehicle's headlamp wiring. The small unit is compatible with all LED and bulb type fog lights, 12 volt 21W maximum. The units are ideal for people building kitcars or importing cars from Japan.

Please click on the Technical Info tab above the product image for a wiring diagram. The fog light control switch unit is also available complete with switches, see separate products below.

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