Cartek 16 Channel Power Distribution Panel - Retro Edition

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£ 950.00
The Cartek Power Distribution Panel Panel is a fully integrated, fully electronic solution to power distribution in race and rally cars. Designed to replace 16 Fuses, Relays and Switches as well as a variety of selectable control functions, these units therefore greatly simplify the wiring, reducing build time, saving weight and maximising reliability.

The Power Distribution Panel takes +12V power directly from the Battery then distributes this to all the electrical systems around the car. All 16 power outputs from the Power Distribution Panel are controlled from the front panel push buttons but can also be controlled from external switches and signal inputs. All 16 Power Outputs are fully protected with 7 selectable current settings thereby completely removing the need for fuses or circuit breakers. The Function of each Channel is also selectable from a choice of 8 different options.

Unlike most PDM’s on the market our Power Distribution Panel does not need a laptop to program the configuration. Pre-set options for functionality and current settings can be chosen by going through a simple process via the switch panel (see tutorial video). This saves the user time and any potential labour costs in setting it up.

The CARTEK Power Distribution Panel is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market due to the switch panel being designed as part of the package, whereas most other PDM’s require expensive CAN-Bus Switch Panels to be purchased and programmed separately.

● 16 User Configurable Channels (no Laptop required).
● Selectable current settings of 0, 5, 10 or 15 Amps. Combine two channels together for 20, 25 or 30 Amps.
● Selectable Functions such as:
-Momentary action (e.g. Starter Motor, Washer Pump etc)
-Latching (with memory)
-Latching (without memory)
-Latching with Timer (e.g. Heated Screen)
-Flashing (e.g. Indicators)
-Toggling (e.g. Headlights High Beam/Low Beam)
-0v Momentary action (use as ordinary switch for ECU Map etc)
● Over Current and Short Circuit Protection - no Fuses or Relays needed.
● 2 Battery Isolator XR Inputs - allowing the Battery Isolator XR to shut down the Power Distribution Panel.
● Dedicated Wiper Module included as standard.
● 16 Momentary Switch Inputs - allowing any channel to be operated by remote switches or the Cartek Wireless Control System.
● 16 ECU Inputs - allows the ECU to control channels such as Fuel Pumps, Fans, etc.
● 4 Dedicated function inputs - Flash Input for Lights, Wash Input for Wipers, Wiper Park position etc.