BG Racing Aluminium Camber Frame with Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge

BG Racing
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£ 169.99
BG Racing Aluminium camber frame is manufactured using aluminium which has a durable black powder coated finish and comes supplied complete with a Dual Axis Angle Gauge which gives quick and simple camber measurement for both left and right handed users. Can be used on wheels with a maximum diameter of 20 inches.

If used in conjunction with turn plates or slip plates, this aluminium camber gauge can also be used for measuring castor angles. The Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge reads camber and castor from -90 to +90 degrees in increments of 0.02° and is removable for standalone use.

A protective carry bag is available to keep the Camber Frame and Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge protected during storage and transportation (BGR307BAG)