Bell KC7 CMR Lewis Hamilton Kart Helmet Special Edition

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KC7 Lewis Hamilton Edition
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Bell Racing have teamed up with F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton to develop a special edition “Lewis Hamilton” KC7 CMR Karting helmet for the 2019 racing season.

Lewis Hamilton worked personally with Bell’s in-house custom paint team to create a custom graphic for the KC7 CMR with the signature elements and colors of his F1 design. This special edition KC7 CMR features a multi-layer red SE07 2mm visor, clear top and side air intakes, clear rear spoiler and HP helmet bag. The KC7 CMR incorporates the same technology, aerospace materials and construction methods used to build the advanced HP7 used by Lewis Hamilton in F1 competition.

Bell KC7 CMR Lewis Hamilton Karting Helmet is an ultra lightweight kart racing helmet which is manufactured with a Carbon/Kevlar/Glass shell which is hand laminated, making sizes 54 to 56 weigh just 1185 grammes, whilst sizes 57 to 59 weigh a mere 1230 grammes.

The Bell KC7-CMR karting helmet takes it's design from the Carbon HP7 helmet, as used in Formula 1. Improved ventilation thanks to no fewer than 14 air inlets and outlets. Whilst optimised shell and visor design result in improved aerodynamic behaviour and energy absorbing capabilities.

This Special Edition KC7-CMR helmet comes complete with 2mm Mirror Red visor which has anti-fog treatment.

Snell-FIA CMR 2016 Approved and Zero rated for VAT.

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* PLEASE NOTE *: This Lewis Hamilton version of KC7 CMR Helmet will be released in early 2019, so we are advertising it's availability so you can place your order for delivery in 2019.

Under CIK regulations, the Snell-FIA CMH standard (CMR) is recommended for drivers under 18 years old and is mandatory for drivers under 15 years old. This standard is for Karting use only and is not accepted for persons older than 18 years.