Aluminium Oil Catch Tank 2 Litre with Push-On Fittings

Universal Baffled Aluminium oil catch tank with 2 litre capacity. These British made oil catch tanks, made to our own design, feature 1/2" (13mm) tails to allow hose to be pushed on and secured with a clip. These hand crafted, baffled catch tanks also feature a breathable cap, drain plug and sight tube. Each tank is quality checked before shipping to ensure the best quality UK workmanship is always supplied.

Dimensions for this 2 litre oil catch tank are 180mm tall (plus 32mm for cap), 120mm wide (plus 20mm flange each side for mounting) by 105mm deep (plus 20mm for sight tube).

Oil Catch Tanks are designed to collect oil and vapour from an engine's breather hoses which are normally fed back into the engines intake system. We often find on a performance or race car this is not ideal, as tuned engines can produce more vapour which in turn, can restrict performance.