Aluminium Hub to suit Herald Bearing - Undrilled

Aluminium Alloy Hub for Herald Upright. Billet aluminium alloy. These hubs in the correct size are used on Marcos, and many low volume cars that use the triumph upright. Can be supplied with 3 alternate wheel stud hole pitching. 3.75" pitch for Triumph Herald. There are two versions of the stub axle used. Small size Herald; large sizes Vitesse; if in any doubt please ring us and we will help you identify your version.  The main difference is in the diameter of the outer (the one near the stub axle nut) bearing housing. Herald is approx 41mm; Vitesse approx 45mm. These hubs are more fragile than the production steel item and care need to be taken when fitting the studs. The studs MUST be fitted with a press and and inserted squarely. If in any doubt we are prepared to fit the studs with out charge. Either buy new studs or supply us your old studs and we will fit them for free.
Torque Setting: Due to these hubs using a taper bearing, there is no specific torque setting. We recommend tightening the hub nut up tight, so there is zero play in the hub/wheel but not so tight that the bearing binds on the upright spindle. If in doubt, please ask us, we are happy to help.
Price is for ONE hub.