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Racing Battery Care - Top Tips

Any tips on looking after your racing battery?

These batteries are excellent for racing cars; light weight and powerful.

The Odyssey Extreme is designed for use on Racing cars and with the correct treatment will last for many years.

Unfortunately these racing batteries are not as tolerant of abuse as a normal car battery. Follow these guidelines to enable your battery to have the longest life.

They must never be left in a discharged period for any time, after use remove from the car and recharge. You can check when the battery is fully charged by checking the voltage 12.84 is 100% charged 12.18 is only 50% charged. If left in a discharged state the battery will not recover.

The best procedure is after each use is to remove from the car and fully recharge; it will then be ready for the next event. One thing that will destroy the battery is leaving it connected on a car that has a small current draw such as an electric clock or alarm.

Use the correct trickle charger. Chargers that do not have a regulated trickle charge voltage between 13.5V and 13.8V (no lower than 13.5V and no higher than 13.8V) will cause early failure of the Battery. Use of such chargers with the Battery will also void the Battery’s warranty.

For applications where an alternator is present, the alternator must deliver between 14.0V and 14.7V when measured at the battery’s terminals. Alternators that do not have a regulated charge between 14.0V and 14.7V (no lower then 14.0V and no higher then 14.7V) will cause early failure of the Battery. Use of such alternators with the Battery will also void the Battery’s warranty.

Odyssey Extreme Racing 8, 15, 30 and 40 are manufactured in Newport. The same as the original but better as they now come with top and bottom plate locking, this process uses a rubberised compound along the top and the bottom of the plates and reduces vibration which bring these batteries into line with the other Odyssey batteries; vibration resistant to Military specs; this battery range now comes with a two year manufacturing warranty.

The Enersys Odyssey Extreme Racing 20 and 25 are manufactured in the USA.


Where can i find Instructions for the Odyssey Extreme Batteries?

Click here Odyssey Extreme Battery Owners Manual

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14th May 2014