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Laminova Oil & Water Heat Exchangers


As well as selling air to oil coolers, we also sell a unique component to cool your oil system. This is a heat exchanger manufactured by Laminova.

This is a universal fit water to oil cooler (heat exchanger). Available in three body lengths, 160mm, 245mm and 395mm. We also sell dual core versions.  




The basic principle of the Laminova is to efficiently use the usually cooler temperature of the engines water, to cool the oil. Water temperatures would normally run in the region of 80-90°C, oil temperatures can run anywhere from 100-140°C so there could be quite a heat saving from using a Laminova.

The Laminova is ideal for where space is limited and/or an air to oil cooler cannot easily be fitted or maximised, like in a rear engined vehicle. These are available with -6 to -12JIC oil fittings and 16-45mm water connections to suit pretty much all plumbing installations. The Laminova has a core in the body which water runs through the centre of and oil passes around the outside of.

As a very rough guide, (we say this because different engines and vehicles can vary in water/oil temperature and flow) a 160mm Laminova will give similar performance to a 10 row air to oil cooler, a 245mm Laminova will give comparable performance to a 16 row air to oil cooler and a 395mm Laminova will give similar performance to that of a 25 row air to oil cooler. 

We also sell SERVICE KITS & MOUNTING HARDWARE for the Laminova coolers.

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5th August 2019