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How to fit a Tilton 72-791 Throttle Linkage onto a Floor Mounted Pedal Assembly

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We’ve had several customers asking for advice about how the Tilton throttle linkage actually fits and works.  Having been slightly perplexed about this ourselves we decided to fit the two together taking photos along the way. Tilton’s own instructions supplied with the linkage are good, but not easy to follow if you’re not seeing all in practice.

So here’s our “how to” guide, with pictures to hopefully make things clearer. Please refer to the Tilton instructions whilst fitting as they give great help regarding setting up the linkage ratio.

These instructions are for the 72-603 Tilton pedal box. This is the 3 pedal, floor mounted pedal assembly. There is a different fitting procedure for the over-hung pedal assemblies which we may visit at a later date.

Here goes…

So, you take your exquisitely made, premium quality 72-603 pedal assembly from Tilton


You take your 72-791 throttle linkage kit which includes Aircraft spec fasteners


Behind the throttle pedal, adjacent to the throttle pedal stop, there are two ¼” threaded holes. These are where the throttle linkage block (or as Tilton call it – bearing carrier block) secures to. As below


It should then look something like this when bolted up


Next job is to bolt the male-female rod end joint to the throttle pedal arm. You can adjust the length of this joint to allow fitment into the throttle pedal arm in different positions for different ratios. See the Tilton instructions for help on this


Now you need to bolt the rod end joint to the “bell crank” (the V shaped piece with holes in it) – Make sure you have the bolt the correct way around to clear the throttle block, the nut should be on the outside facing away from the pedal assembly! You can also adjust the location of this bolt to alter pedal ratios – See Tilton instructions on how this is achieved


At this point, you should be looking like this


The next step also confused us a slightly. How to attach the throttle cable?! We also sell these two little widgets below. The one on the left is for single throttle cables, Throttle Cable Swivel Fitting for Tilton Throttle Linkage  The one on the right is for twin throttle cables. Twin Cable Swivel Fitting for Tilton Throttle Linkage  Although you could use the twin version for both applications.


For the purposes of this I just used the twin cable fitting. The fitting slides through one of the holes in the “bell crank”. We worked out that this needs to be one of the holes as far opposite from the rod end joint as possible. You will need to play around with fitting this and the throttle pedal stop to allow clearance on the pedal arm and to prevent over stretching of your throttle cable. See the Tilton instructions for more info.

So now, when the throttle pedal is depressed, the linkage should do something like this



Hopefully when all’s finished your pedal assembly should look like this when the throttle linkage is fitted.


As with lots of components, we found that fitting everything loosely first of all helped fitting, you can then do a final tighten up of the fasteners when you are satisfied everything is in the correct place and adjust accordingly.

Please note: This little guide is not a replacement for the Tilton instructions. These are purely an aid to make your life easier and give a visual explanation. Please always refer to the Tilton instructions for a more detailed and in depth information for adjusting the ratios etc.


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6th September 2018